5 Outdoor Activities You Can Still Enjoy During Winter

Getting outdoors during the summer months is seldom a challenge for our motivation. Being out in the sunshine and revelling in the heat is a widely enjoyed pastime. As winter comes around, fewer individuals venture out into nature. Those who do, however, often know something that others don’t and will gladly tell that not only are there a number of outdoor activities that can still be enjoyed during the colder season but there are, in fact, a number of benefits to pursuing them during this period too.

If you remain unpersuaded, here are five outdoor activities that many not only continue to celebrate all year round but are in many areas even growing in popularity.

Wild Swimming

There is a certain confidence that comes from those who enjoy cold water swimming, dipping into frigid lakes and paddling, and it’s because they know something that others don’t, which is that swimming in cold water actually has a number of reported health benefits. These benefits include a more robust immune system and even improved mental health. So, not only is swimming something that can be enjoyed across the calendar but it’s one that is recommended to enjoy in winter too!


Camping can easily be enjoyed during the winter months promising that you have the right equipment. Individuals and groups must ensure that they are dressed appropriately and have the accessories to keep them safe in colder environments, from insulated flasks to fire starters. However, promising that this is brought along, winter is a stunning time to camp, offering explorers a chance to experience nature without the footfall and cost of summer tourism.


Stand-up paddleboarding has become a widely celebrated watersport that can be enjoyed in a number of environments, from rivers to oceans. Since it does not rely upon the regular breaks and waves of surfing, it is a board-based sport that can be enjoyed all year round too. Paddlers must remember that it is important to stay warm, bringing along appropriate layers and a changing robe too.


A greater number of individuals are getting in touch with their local landscape through foraging. By learning to identify plants and how they can safely be picked and consumed, recipes and diets are changing in new and exciting ways. Even during the winter period, there are a number of wild foods that can be gathered, from mushrooms and nuts, to young shoots and berries, depending on your local geography.


Aside from gathering, there’s also hunting and fishing is a great way of getting outdoors to find ingredients. While fishing is a wonderful and often tranquil activity that can be enjoyed in the sunshine, it can also be a great experience during the winter too. For those willing to get outdoors with their hook and rod, there’s also the option of ice fishing too, which can be an exciting way to experience a new environment. Some will even choose to exchange their hook for a spear!

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