Five Beautiful Cornish Beaches Perfect For A Weekend Break

Cornwall is known for its stunning landscapes, great weather, and idyllic villages, as well as its cherished Cornish pasties. Each year, over a million tourists visit the county, which can be quite overwhelming for such a considerably quaint landscape, while also being troublesome for those wanting to find a quiet respite for their holiday.

There are, however, a number of beaches that remain lesser explored across the Cornish landscape. For those wanting to enjoy a weekend getaway, one that will allow them to dip their toes in the water without being among too busy a crowd, we have five beautiful locations that are likely to be ideal for you. Though, it’s best to keep them under your hat if you’d like them to remain idyllic!


The Rame Peninsula is often referred to as the Forgotten Corner of Cornwall and, despite its proximity to Devon and Plymouth, it is a relatively quiet area of the county. Those willing to turn back on themselves when heading into Cornwall will soon find a wonderful village, one tucked away from the bustle of any town, known as Kingsand.

Its beaches are small but stunning and there are plenty of opportunities for paddleboarding, sunbathing, and even a meal right on the beach.

Kenneggy Sands

When first stepping onto Kenneggy’s vast sands, it can be surprising that the beach remains so quiet. However, one only needs to realise how inaccessible the landscape is, especially by car, to realise why this is the case.

There is no parking nearby and the beach is absent of facilities. For those that want a peaceful spot in the sun, even during summer, however, it might just be ideal.

Portheras Cove

Do not be surprised if the locals of Cornwall remain vague about Portheras Cove as many want to keep this secluded beach a secret. It is tucked away on the northwest corner of the county and can be tricky to find, even by those who have been to the location before.

If you find it, however, be sure to bring along your changing robe and paddleboard as the waters are perfect for stand-up paddleboarding, giving you the opportunity to explore the cove to its fullest.

Pentire Steps

Some will know about the nearby Bedruthan Steps but much fewer will know about the Pentire Steps. This beautiful beach is hidden below steep and rocky cliffs, which will give those sunbathing and swimming the sensation of being entirely isolated from the outside world. Coupled with clear blue waters, some consider this beach to be Cornwall’s best.

Nanjizal, or Mill Bay

A reward for those who have travelled to Land’s End, Nanjizal Beach is one of the most spectacular and peaceful beaches the county has to offer. While it is a little more well-known than others, and there are likely to be a few visitors alongside you, it remains comparatively quiet and you’re even likely to see seals lounging on the beach too.

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