Video slots and classic slots – What is the difference?

Slot fans are ready to enjoy almost any type of slot game. But, modern casinos can present you with 2 major slot versions- video slots and casino slots. How do they differ from each other? It seems to be more entertaining to play innovative video slots at However, you will also get fun from classic slots. They will remind you of the games you play in the land-based casinos. Before enjoying the slots, it is better to understand the difference between classic and video slots.

Classic slots

These conventional-style slots are like old fruit machines. You can find them in almost any casino. These games are mostly 3-reel slots, although some of them are 5-reel slots. The gameplay is not complicated, and it is best for beginners who need to learn the game.

Video Slots

These video slots are modern versions with lots of innovative features, including bonuses and jackpots. They are something more than fruit machines. The themes of these games are highly interesting and involve more than 5 reels. You will enjoy unique gameplay with these video slots.

Although there are several similarities, you will find some differences between them.

Presence of themes

Interfaces of all classic slots have no difference in the look. They include similar symbols, 3 reels, and a consistent layout. While playing these games regularly, you will feel bored. That is why players find a higher interest in playing video slot. The interface design of every video slot is unique. The theme reflects the title of the slot. From movies to mythologies, there are several themes for slot players. Moreover, feature-rich and colorful video slots also present a story that you have to unfold to find the winning combination of symbols.

Special features and bonuses

These factors can differentiate video slots from the classic ones. Classic slots do not present you with special symbols and bonuses. On the contrary, Scatter and Wild symbols are present in video slots. Moreover, there are unique bonuses to unlock attractive wins. Free spins also enable you to play the game for a longer period.

Slot playlines

More rows and reels in the slots help in unlocking more paylines. Thus, you will have more ways of winning the game. As classic slots have 3 rows and 3 reels, there are fewer paylines. In video slots, you can find 25 to 30 paylines. But, some slot titles provide you with several ways to win the game.

Stakes of different sizes

You will have good control over the way of playing the slot game. You may also decide on how much you bet on every spin. The most important thing is that that there are several paylines withvideo slots, and you may adjust your stake size.  Select the number of paylines you like to activate. Moreover, you can choose the amount with which you like to bet on every payline.These slot games will suit your bankroll, and you will surely enjoy them.

These are some differences between classic and video slots.

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